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Choir/Cantorial Fund

Anyone who has attended services at our Temple has heard the high quality of musical performance. Although the musicians and singers are Temple members who provide their own instruments, time, and expenses, there are further costs such as Choir director’s rehearsals and appearances at Shabbat and High Holiday services, purchasing robes, and sheet music. Athens Georgia is a music town and if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard here, please donate to enhance our services. Thank you!

General Fund

Not sure what to donate to? This is the “everything” bucket. This fund supports general Temple operations such as utilities, office equipment, furniture and many other expenses. This fund helps Congregation Children of Israel operate.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

All Rabbis are in a unique position in the community. He is with us soon after we’re born, when we are in school, when we become a woman or man in the Jewish community, when we marry, when we are sick and when we pass away. Our Rabbi has a window into our personal lives like none other. He knows about problems in congregants’ lives that may only need a little financial assistance to be of enormous assistance. If you feel that our Rabbi should be able to use these funds for general charitable community purposes and make a difference in lives of others as he best sees fit, please donate to empower him here. Thank you.


Religious School

Educating the next generation is of primary importance to Judaism. Make your donation for the Jewish future in Athens Georgia here. This goes directly to the school operating budget and supports supplementing special school events, equipment and supplies. Thank you so much.


Schwartz Symposium Fund

Sandy and Florence Schwartz have been long time members of our congregation and served in many leadership capacities. Together with their sons, Ron and Dale, they have endowed a colloquium and speakers fund to allow us to bring to Athens and hear presentations, lectures, and teachings related to Jewish life and culture. As an example, we host the renowned Annual Schwartz Symposium to honor the Schwartz family. If you wish to help maintain this way of honoring the Schwartz family, please consider making a donation here.

Shalom Coffee Purchase

As a special fundraiser, our fundraising committee offers you to order your Shalom Coffee cans ($10.00 each) provided by Jittery Joe’s as a tasty way to support CCI. It is a special medium blend packaged in a beautifully designed label with some information about our congregation. Please consider this also as an option as gifts for fiends and relatives.

Click here to purchase Shalom Coffee


Torah/Prayer Book Fund

Our various prayer books (Shabbat for weekly services and Machzor for High Holidays get a lot of use and are in need for replacements and, with increasing membership, we happily need to purchase more of them. With a nameplate supplied by the Office, you can honor or memorialize important individuals in your life by purchasing a book or donating to this fund. Donations to this fund are also used for the maintenance and repair of the Temple’s Torah scrolls.