Leadership & Committees

CCI is blessed with many congregational leaders who offer their gifts and talents to our mission. Our congregants reflect their commitment to our synagogue, as they enhance Jewish learning and caring. We welcome the many contributions from our membership and we hope that you consider adding your talents to one of our committees. In addition to participating in the standing committees listed below, congregants are always encouraged to propose new programs and ideas.

Ritual – The Ritual committee works very closely with Rabbi Linder in helping to determine policies and procedures with regard to religious activities that happen at CCI. A ritual committee member is assigned to help at each of our services, assigning bima honors, passing out prayer books and greeting people as they walk into the sanctuary. The ritual committee is an indispensable part of our worship experience.

Membership – This committee organizes outreach programs that invite and welcome unaffiliated Jews to visit CCI and learn about its services and events. Committee facilitates the membership application process and actively engages new members into the life of CCI.

Religious School Committee (RSC) – The RSC works with the Religious School Director and Rabbi to oversee the operations of the Religious School. The Rabbi selects the curriculum, teaching materials and the Religious School Director. Religious School fees for both members and non-members are proposed annually by the Religious School Committee for approval by the Board of Trustees.

Kesher (Connecting) – The Kesher committee organizes networks of mutual help and support to congregants facing illness and crises. The Committee also oversees and organizes synagogue social action programs and educates the members about social issues in the community. One goal of the committee is to provide everyone with opportunities to perform the Mitzvot (laws) of care and concern. The Kesher committee organizes hospital visits, provides meals during shiva (mourning the death of a relative) and is in constant communication with our rabbi to help care for the needs of our congregation.

Sisterhood (WRJ) – The Sisterhood is a backbone of our congregation. Their presence is felt throughout CCI. They help with the Religious School, assist in congregational meals and special programs. The WRJ manages our gift shop. They provide spiritual and social programming for women in our congregational family, and all female members of CCI are encouraged to join. There is much more Sisterhood information on our Engage page.

Finance/Budget/Investment – The Finance Committee meets bi-monthly and examines the Profit and Loss, Actual Expenditure and Income compared to Budget, and the investment portfolio. Annually, the Finance Committee presents a proposed budget for the Religious School and the Temple for the coming fiscal year to the Board of Trustees for approval. The Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Board concerning member pledges. The Finance Committee adheres to the guidelines as outlined in the Budget and Finance Policies and Procedures Manual.

Facilities – The Facilities Committee is responsible for keeping the building and grounds of our Congregation in good order. The Chair of the Committee directs and supervises all maintenance personnel and operations.

Cemetery – The Cemetery Committee is responsible for the cemetery and its upkeep. The committee sets interment fees for non-members with the approval of the Board of Trustees, and enforces the rules for the operation of the cemetery.